Instant Office Kiosk

Own Any Aisle with Aisle Advertising’s Instant Office Kiosk

With Aisle Advertising's new Instant Office Kiosk, you can create experiences -- and get results.

You’ve got a great product that you know will benefit to your target audience, now you have to find the best way to get your message out.

You could go virtual, posting it on the Internet, and passively waiting for customers to find it and contact you.

Or you can proactively conduct your own physical social networking:  Take your message to your customers with Aisle Advertising’s new mobile marketing Instant Office Kiosk, and create a buzz with face-to-face experiential interaction.

With its wheeled mobility, no-tools set-up, lightweight durability, and visual appeal, the Instant Office Kiosk will generate attention anywhere you put it, so that you Own the Aisle to get results.

Create graphics that illuminate your product or service, wheel the kiosk into place and it’s ready to sell for you. Lift and slide out the hidden side table (or two) and it becomes a face-to-face, greet-and-meet, sit-and-sell station.

Constructed of durable, recyclable ABS plastic, the one-table Instant Office Kiosk weighs only 75 pounds and includes lockable storage with interior shelves; removable literature holder and optional drop slot; and the ability to quickly and easily change out graphic panels for flexible branding.

The Instant Office Kiosk is just one of Aisle Advertising’s Professional Products, Engineered to Engage your audience in retail, exhibit or event environments. For more information on Aisle Advertising’s full line of products and how you can Own the Aisle, visit today.

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