Own the Aisle

Applying the Physical Social Networking Phenomenon

It’s all about face-to-face communication. One-on-one interaction. The experiential reality of Physical Social Networking.

Today’s ever-evolving virtual world is one of instant access, global reach and unlimited possibilities. The expansive technology of the world wide web has redefined society and networking; taken business to new levels; and brought the world closer together … or has it?

Have you ever
… been interested in a Web product but been frustrated by the inability to talk with anyone about it?
… had an item in your virtual “shopping cart,” then closed the Web site without ordering because you couldn’t touch it to check the quality, feel or fit?
… networked online with a potential associate, but wound up with misunderstandings or mistrust because you could not see or show expression?

The reach of the Internet has brought new, exciting realities to our world, and holds a distinct role in advancing worldwide business and communication. But if we let its virtual reality take us too far from our physical reality, we risk losing the experiential world that brings so much richness and value to our lives.

At Aisle Advertising, we believe there’s a lot to be said for the experiential reality of Physical Social Networking. Interacting directly with customers to give them the information they want and need and answer their individual questions. Having a product in hand to feel its quality; smell its aroma; savor its taste. Meeting a person eye to eye, to see the facial expressions and read the body language.

Aisle Advertising did not create Physical Social Networking. But we understand it. And we help you apply it to build business success – and to Own the Aisle wherever you may choose to place it.

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