Made in America – It’s the Right Thing to Do


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – To some, “Made in America” is simply a current business trend, but for Aisle Advertising owner Mark MacDonald, it is much more than a trend, it is the right thing to do.

From the start, Mark was uncomfortable shipping jobs overseas when Americans needed work. So, in 2009, he started the process of bringing everything home. It wasn’t a simple or quick process. “To become American-made, a company has to redesign and re-engineer its whole way of doing business – not just its products,” Mark said. “Made in America is the right thing to do – but it’s not an easy thing to do.”
Aisle Advertising designs and manufactures professional table and kiosk displays and accessories. These products are “Engineered to Engage” customers, prospects, and visitors at retail venues, exhibits, and events. When Mark purchased the company in 2008, it had a single display product that was made in China.

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