Aisle Advertising Helps Leblon Build Sales

As featured in All About Executives magazine, Aisle Advertising has helped Leblon build its sales and market its brand with the compelling graphics and professional image of its Fold and Roll demonstration tables.

To build the market for its unique spirit – Cachaça, Leblon wanted to conduct tastings in off-premise liquor stores and retail settings around the country. To do so, it sought a demo cart that would fit its needs and its #1 brand status: be durable but portable; sturdy but lightweight; high quality but value priced. As Whitney Brown-Cross, Leblon Brand Manager, said:

“Branding is important to us in meeting our ‘#1’ image, so we choose only products that can help us convey that brand image.

That’s why we work with Aisle Advertising.”

Read the full Leblon Case Study.

All Aisle Advertising portable demo tables, kiosks and displays are made in the U.S. and are Engineered to Engage Your Customers. Read more about our no-tool, fold-and-roll set up, easy-change graphics, and compact portability on our home page.

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