Our Story

With its unique patented design, graphic billboard and portability, our Fold & Roll Demo Station is the lightest (33 lbs), toughest and most versatile sampling table in the marketplace.

Aisle Advertising was founded in 1996 to answer an unfilled need for a grocery food-sampling station that was economical but attractive, durable but lightweight, sturdy but portable. From its debut at the FMI trade show, our patented Demo Station was met with resounding acclaim by event marketing companies and retailers alike. As interest has grown, applications for the unique Demo Station have expanded with innovative uses at retail, exhibitions and events. Aisle Advertising continues to evolve:

With its versatile easy-slide table system, you can set up Aisle Advertising’s Instant Office Kiosk with one or two tables or as a self-standing kiosk.

            • All design and manufacturing is now Made in America!
            • We created a second revolutionary concept, our exclusive easy set-up Instant Office Kiosk that combines the display aspects of a kiosk with the meeting capabilities of a table (or two).
            • Through established partnerships with experienced designers and suppliers, we convey our customers’ messages with high-visibility illuminated or reflective graphics panels.
            • We continue to develop value-added accessories that accentuate the versatility of Aisle Advertising professional products.
            • We provide ongoing services and resources for both large corporations and small businesses across North America.
            • Our eye-catching, easy-assembly demo and display units are Engineered to Engage your prospects through face-to-face interaction and dialogue.

In a crowded grocery store, a sold-out exhibit hall, a teeming outdoor festival or a self-devised event, the high impact of our stand-alone or design-integrated displays will ensure that you “Own the Aisle.”